South Africa Trips

South Africa is an attractive country in the southern most tip of Africa, marked by many different ecosystems. The Western Cape is primarily urbanized, whereas the Eastern Cape is more rural, with beautiful grasslands and gorges. On the Western Cape, craggy cliffs on the cape are populated by big game; the Western Cape is also home to beautiful beaches, verdant grasslands around Stellenbosch, and the vibrant city of Cape Town. The Eastern Cape has vast untamed reserves where lions hunt for lions, elephants hunt for antelope, and flamingos roost on the mangrove-studded beaches. In the Eastern Cape, the most popular game reserve is Kruger National Park. It is also the home of some of the biggest game reserves in south Africa, including Hluhluwe Game Reserve, the Malindi Game reserve, the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Safari Park, and Maple Tree reserve. The Hluhluwe-Unfolozi park is adjacent to the Southern Cape, where there is a large national park. It is here that you can see wild elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, Cape buffalo, hippos, and pygmy hippos. It is also a site for many big sporting events, including the Springboks tournament and golf tournament. The Gedi Ruins game reserve is another exciting game reserve where you can see huge rock stacks and moai statues. The big five game reserve in the north of South Africa features Blyde River, Victoria Falls, Lake Maggoire, the Twelve Apostles, and more. There are numerous game reserves and parks here in the North as well as in the centre. These are perfect for a safari, but there are a few options to choose from when it comes to big five. If you are a fan of big five wildlife, you will be glad to know that the northern part of south Africa has more than enough to please you. You can go on a big five safari in the Kruger National Park. This is an unspoiled nature reserve, unlike the one in the centre of the country. Here you can see black rhinos, white storks, leopards, and lions. However, if you want to see the rarer species, you have to go to the Augrabies Farm reserve, which is only reachable by road. If you like water, then you will be happy to know that you can also enjoy great game reserve games on your trip to south Africa. If you love to play golf, you should visit the Okavango Delta. It is regarded as the largest inland delta in the world. You can stay at a villa with swimming pools or if you do not have time to travel to the beach, you can play golf in the many golf courses surrounding the reserve. In fact, the Okavango Delta region is considered as one of the richest areas in the world when it comes to golfing facilities. Cape Town is another must visit city when it comes to South Africa Trips. The city is the capital and one of the most happening places in the country. The city is home to a large number of tourists and is a popular destination for big five safaris. Cape Town is known for its culture and shopping boutiques. You can enjoy a shopping spree in one of the many shopping streets in Cape Town or you can simply have some fun roaming around in the city. You can even go in for a photo shoot or two if you want to capture some special moments during your trip to south Africa. Durban is another great destination when it comes to South Africa Trips. This city is famous for hosting many international tournaments including the Open World Golf tournament. The city also boasts of a picturesque golf course called Malory Towers. A golf resort in the area also plays an important role in the game. It is a venue where professionals visit every year to improve their game. This resort is called the Wildflower golf club. You can also include any of these great destinations in your South Africa Trips. However, there is no doubt that you will have a great vacation if you spend your time in the country. The country offers some of the best adventures and adventurous activities. It is a perfect getaway that will allow you to relax and unwind. Apart from adventure and sports, South Africa also offers the best whitewater rafting experiences. This is one of the most preferred activities by adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.